Sep 14, 2012

Spirit Animals

hi blog. good to see you again.

I mentioned a while back, that my brother Tyrone lovingly bestowed me and my siblings a kindred spirit animal. I'm not sure how the conversation even started, but regardless, it happened. I would now like to share with you what was decided that momentous day. this is a glimpse into my family, and what we're all about. enjoy...

similar to fight club, there are only a couple rules that apply to the 'giving of spirit animals':

1. tyrone decides on your spirit animal. tyrone alone. 
2. you have no say. 

Tyrone says that I'm an Afghan Hound. Now I don't know if this has anything to do with my excessive lankiness, or if my locks are really that flown', but nevertheless, it is my spirit animal. rather regal, no? or do you see borderline-embarassingly long appendages and an over-the-top, social extravert that magnetically attracts awkward situations? 

more regal than anything else? that's what I thought. 

Brooke's spirit animal is an African Bush Baby. Now this was a particularly ingenious selection on Tyrone's part. You see, Brooke has the most adorable, baby blues you ever did see. I mean, the girl's got a serious set of eyes on her. One time, on a particularly busy day at work, her manager was like 'Brooke, I need you to focus. I can't have you walking around all wide-eyed, looking like you don't know where you're going'. And Brooke was like 'That's just my face. My eyes are just like that. always'. Seriously funny. and seriously...true. 

So a Bush Baby makes complete sense. That and they're just darn cute as a button. and that sums our little Brookie up pretty well too. She's our little lady. cute as can be. and while I don't know if this is true of bush baby's, I can say that Brooke albeit young, is wise and insightful beyond her years. o and let's not forget, she's got a quirky sense of humour that's sure to surprise and delight you. often.  

Now Chad. His spirit animal is a sloth. I'm thrilled with this choice as well. Nailed it once again, Tyrone.

I've always thought chad had a sloth-like essence to him. Not the whole slothful = lazy thing at all, but the super chill, super cute, 'I look like I'm half smiling, kicking back and enjoying life all the time' thing. I mean look at that sloth. Tell me he's not having a good time. 

That's like our chad. chill to the core. Super cool and always kinda half smirking. easy going and lovely. a calm presence in our family, strong and loving at the same time. 

Now as for Tyrone (pictured left, below)... It's difficult to say. In fact I'm not even sure I'm allowed to. as I've said a couple times now, Tyrone chooses spirit animals. end of story. no wiggle room on that one. It's not like there's a board of directors here or anything. Just 'rone.

But if I haaaad to choose. Like had to. Like twist my arm, I have to choose Tyrone's spirit animal. I'd have to go out on a limb and choose....... Yoda*. 

Yoda's an animal right? Close enough, anyhow. 

Here's what I'm thinking. First of all, disclaimer: There are no physical similarities between tyrone and yoda. This spirit animal is all about the mind...

If you're someone who knows me and my siblings well, you'll know that Tyrone totally nailed all of our spirit animals. as silly of a concept as this is, he gets us. he really does. he's 'all knowing' if you will. And wisdom like that doesn't come around too often. Tyrone is definitely wise beyond his years. And Yoda is crazy wise. Furthermore, Yoda was a Jedi Master. The force was with him. Well the force is with tyrone as well. That's for sure. Tyrone has a presence and an electricity to him that's difficult to match, and contagious like you wouldn't believe. He's impressive and positively intense, vivacious and warm all at the same time. The force is with him, of this I have no doubt ;)

So there you have it. me, my family, our spirit animals, and our off-kilter humour. 

just the way we like it.


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