Oct 28, 2012

Lazy Sunday

memphis 'hunting' in the kitchen - sweet little muffin liners for a winter's day of baking - flowers from a friend - icy frost clinging to yet frozen fall leaves - the season's first true snow cover -
- a cat who knows a thing or two about hunkering down on a cold day - 

Today we lounged. we decided it was a day move slowly and to rest. It's not every day we behave like this. But after enough 'every days', days like today become a bit of a welcome retreat. 

The snow outside seemed a little too daunting, and we had everything we needed to watch lots of movies and to bake banana muffins. And the furthest we wished to travel was to our backyard to take a few pictures. we had the makings of a lazy sunday. the makings of which invariably led to a delightful result.

Delightful Result (verb): See Memphis pictured directly above. Rested, comfy, cozy and toasty warm, finished season 1 of Spartacus and season 5 of 30 Rock. pumped about it too. 

Full disclosure, those last couple points are more about us, the humans that inhabit this house and watch the movies here. not memphis necessarily. although he did peek in from time to time to catch a scene or two. so maybe it still applies? either way. delightful day and a very relaxing end to our weekend. hope yours was great too! 


  1. I just absolutely love Memphis!

  2. I have just recently caught up on your blog! I have loved EVERY post! :)
    Nicole L


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