Oct 22, 2012


As of yesterday, our backyard now looks like this. Almost all the leaves have fallen, and a heavy snow now covers the ground. And you know when the snow decides to stick around for a full 24 hours, and not even a sunny afternoon can make a dent in it's cover...it means business. winter business. 

Knowing old man winter was on his way, two days ago, Ryan and I shocked ourselves by pulling a major adult moment, collectively might I add, when we 'winterized' our home. That's right, you heard me...we winterized! After work, we came home, pumped some tunes and got to work. Patio furniture got stacked and stored, flower pots were emptied, leaves were raked, the lawn was winter fertilized, hoses coiled and stored, and the garage got a final once-over that allows us to park two vehicles simultaneously for the coming snowy months. proud doesn't begin to describe this girl's outlook towards the whole situation. we exhibited some seriously responsible behaviour that night. wildly out of character for us. 

and since this adult behaviour only surfaces from time to time, I might as well make the most of it and check a few other things off the ol' list. so excuse me while I go renew my library membership and finish that last set of back stretching exercises I'm always meaning to do.

ps. please note the tiki torches, still standing strong. a subtle flicker of the youthful and rebellious flame that still smoulders in our we're-not-so-grown-up-afterall souls. rock on. 

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  1. It sucks being an adult sometimes doesn't it? haha. i am so lazy, i still have to "winterize" everything too. i have a feeling the snow is on it's way over here very soon as well!
    xo dana


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