Dec 6, 2012

New York Part 2 - 30Rock, SoHo & 5th Ave

Day 3 in New York started at 30 Rock, waiting in line for some last minute tickets to Jimmy Fallon. While waiting in line Ryan happened to stumbled upon Pitbull giving a live concert in the street for Today. I guess that's New York for you. random famous happenings around every corner. speaking of which, while waiting at a stoplight, we literally ran into that actor who played the creepy guy from the 'others' in Lost. for any true blood fans out there, he was with his girlfriend who plays the redheaded waitress at Merlotte's. yay! aaaaand that's about as famous as new york got for us ;)

After 30Rock, we hopped the subway to explore SoHo. Bathed in sunlight, bustling with calm and casual shoppers at every corner, SoHo was a beautiful reprieve from the intensity of Time's Square and area. immediately after exiting the subway, we popped into a local shop and asked where the best place to grab a quick bite might be. the girl there suggested a seriously authentic italian 'hole in the wall' type place. With blind trust we followed her directions and 15 minutes later found ourselves in the smallest,  most aromatic italian restaurant ever! From the outside the windows were all fogged and once we got inside, we could see why. It was PACKED with people. And while visually the restaurant left much to be desired, we figured the food couldn't be that bad given the crowd and grabbed a seat. Mama and Papa restaurant comes close to describing this place. Wine was filled at your table out of an old porcelain jug, ordering was done quick and efficiently, and the food.... the food! It was absolutely unbelievable! Such a cute and random experience. One I won't soon forget. 

After our Italian feast, we set out to experience SoHo. And experience we did. loved every minute of it too!

We wrapped up the later part of the day walking 5th ave, all dressed up for Christmas. We lingered by 30Rock again and took in the tree (surrounded by scaffolding as the workers busily strung lights upon lights upon lights for the tree lighting ceremony that would happen the day after we left). 

Our wandering took us past the St. Regis, and of course we went in. It was beautiful! Small, but beautiful. A little more wandering down 5th, a mini tour of FAO Schwartz and next thing you know, we found ourselves at the entry of The Plaza hotel. Again, we had to peek in. How could we not? It was so genuinely exquisite, we decided to sit a while in The Plaza lounge, enjoy some coffee and a little dessert and just savour the iconic new york destination. it was christmas in a moment. 

On our way back to the hotel, after a very full and entirely new york day, we admired the rest of 5th ave dressed up in it's holiday finest. Tiffany & Co., Fendi, Cartier & Harry Winston were my favourite. 

you know it's true what they say. no one does Christmas like new york does Christmas. 

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  1. Such lovely experiences. And you share them so well. Thanks for sharing. xo


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