Feb 15, 2013

New York Part 5: Flat Iron District, Eataly, McSorely's & Magnolia

I realize it's february and I'm just now posting photos of our last two days in new york in november. 
you know, of last year.

yes, the documentation of our final days in new york is a little tardy making it's way on the ol' blog. and while better time management and not procrastinating are some of my resolutions this year, so is not fretting so much. therefore, I'm inclined to say that my falling short on the whole not procrastinating front is evened out by the fact that I'm not fretting it. that logic figures, right?

look at me. so resolute.

anyway... to the pictures!

on our second last day in new york we visited the flat iron district, savoured the culinary delight that is Eataly, explored rockafeller by night and visited McSorley's old ale house, one of the oldest running pubs in new york (not pictured). legend has it, Abraham Lincoln and John Lennon enjoyed a pint or two there over the years. we got seated (because liam, the surly and entirely stoic 65 year old ale house master, tells you where to sit and that's just that) with a medical team just dispatched from their relief camp in new jersey. they had been providing medical aid to the victims of hurricane sandy for the last two weeks. o what a fantastic group of people we won't soon forget! Is there anything like sharing a pint with a total stranger? hearing their life story. enjoying just a glimpse into the journey that brought them to that scratched and scuffed pub bar stool, nestled in close beside yours. those are the kinds of moments I live for. what a joy it was to spend a few hours with those kind and humorous souls. 

the next and final day of our trip started with our typical breakfast of champions at pret a manger... game changing ham & swiss croissants I tell you, game changing. we said goodbye to the beautiful view from our hotel room, indulged our sweet tooth at magnolia and sauntered one last time past rockafeller plaza, our launchpad and main stomping grounds while in new york. then, just before leaving for the airport, we finished the trip like rock stars with a nacho fiesta at chevy's in time's square. like we do. 

it shall be said here and now that new york changed me. it changed us. the city is truly magical and we literally cannot wait to visit again :)

P.S. I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day!


  1. Better late than never, right? Hehe. As a newcomer to your blog, I never would have known that these photos were so delayed in making it to your blog, anyway. (:

  2. Oh my goodness it looks like you guys had an amazing time! I simply love New York, such a fun place.

  3. I love New York! So jealous :)
    Liz @ rusticpeach.com

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