Feb 13, 2013

this is calgary

This is calgary for you. one minute, apocalyptic sleet storm white out. the next, unseasonably warm winds, brilliant blue skies and cartoon cotton candy clouds. 

to be fair, the time lapse between these two photos was a little more like 15 minutes and 20 km travelled. but still. #imean

this is what we live with here and it's borderline comical. as in, if you don't laugh, you might just cry.

when I went to load lincoln in the car the other day to head out for a walk, the horror-movie sleet out that rolled in was actually jaw dropping. it moved with the fury of the north. i felt as though i was suddenly living in the fantastical world that is game of thrones, and winter, indeed, was coming.

fast forward 15 minutes, and we're enjoying balmy spring winds, sunny skies and a pleasant fox trot for two. o calgary, you're funny. you know that?

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  1. That looks so cold! I'm glad here in The Netherlands there's no more snow hehe

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