Feb 12, 2013

on writing daily...

deep in my heart I believe that everyday is worth writing about.

I created this space so I could let my thoughts flow. my passions, my hobbies, a life journal, wonderings and resolutions, an uninhibited stream of consciousness if you will. except somewhere along the way, I started inhibiting. yep... I started inhibiting myself. whether it was because I didn't have my camera with me, or I didn't feel like I had any great photos on my phone to share, or because work was too busy, or because the house was messy and needed cleaning...

you get the picture.

anyway, new rule here on painted & polished: write, carli, write! write through the mess, write through the busy times, write through the slow times and if you must ... write, even without pictures (*gasp!*)! just. write. 

My mom and I out on a walk with Lincoln a couple days ago...

so for today, a little bit about all these walks I've been going on:)

since getting Lincoln a couple weeks ago, we have started the daily ritual of at least 2 walks a day, sometimes 3. while I often struggle with how to fit our walks in to our daily schedules as we adjust to life with a dog, I can't help but realize the tremendous benefits I'm gaining from going on these walks. and it's not just the activity, the fresh air and the discipline. there is something else entirely!

it's something to do with trying to maintain a peaceful and calm demeanor in the midst of some big structural changes in our day to day life. lo and behold...the walks actually help to temper my sometimes less than favourable reactions to change :)

it's like this: I know we need to fit the walks in. It's important that Lincoln get's his exercise both for his health and so that he is calm and relaxed in our home. and I know that while the walks are great for his exercise needs, they're also great for mine. but something about scheduling them in the midst of already busy lives can sometimes stress me out. so it's both funny and comforting, as though the universe knew I needed the walk in the first place, that I arrive home after a good strut calmer, more relaxed and soothed about the whole situation.

soothed about a lot of situations, actually. I guess that's what you'd call a win/win. i love it when life works out that way. 


  1. love it! I was just thinking the other day how I should be taking advantage of the incredibly fabulous climate I live in and walk more. This has definitely encouraged me!

    Enjoy those walks!

    1. O my goodness, with palm trees and sandy beaches so close.... I can't even imagine! Enjoy :)

  2. Hi Carli,
    I am always so glad to find fellow Albertan bloggers. I really related to this post! Sometimes my favourite posts are the ones that started about nothing in particular but were when I sat down to just write. Regardless, I also sometimes find myself doubting whether they're worth putting out there. Thanks for making me realize I'm not alone.
    I look forward to following your blog.

    1. Thanks for the kind and encouraging words Cheryl! Happy you enjoyed the post and always lovely to hear from another Albertan :)

      xo Carli


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