Mar 3, 2013

A Snow Event

today, my friends, we experienced a major snow event. yes early this morning, it all started when lincoln was so kind as to grace us with his howling wake up call (as only a baby wolfhound can really, truly do... they sing, you know). I awoke not only to a howl, but to my street-scape as I've come to depend on it lately: exposed pavement, grass (albeit brown, but trying), bald twiggy trees and cars dotting driveways as the imminent threat of great snowfall seems to have passed.

about 20 minutes into our walk however, snow began to fall. now this in itself is not entirely unusual this time of year. it was the special kind of snow that decided to fall that made today a unique snow event. this snowy-sleet, wind whipped and spraying, stick to your face til it's dripping and freezing all at once kind of snow is a rare and special treasure. 

needless to say, linoln and I made it home snowy white from top to bottom, a pair of abominable snow creatures desperate for a warm up near the fire. so after a thorough drying off we reunited with ryan and waited happily for our brave friends to arrive for a day of brunch and relaxation spent curled up on couches, warm and cozy inside. and besides for the necessary shovelling and (ahem) puppy needs that required foraging out into the blizzard, you better believe that's where we stayed the whole snowy day long :)


  1. sounds like a lovely, cozy day! (once you were inside, at least...)

  2. wow look at all that snow. I only see snow when I go to the mountains here in Southern California.

  3. Oh gosh, these pictures are absolutely beautiful! It's making me miss the snow, so cozy! :)
    xo TJ

  4. blehhhh I am so glad I live in arizona right now. I recently moved back from Idaho and am so glad I did. I Hate the snow. You can't even see through the air to drive! this looks like a pretty crazy snow storm. glad you survived!

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