Mar 13, 2013

So the other day I saw Lincoln sitting by the window in our bedroom, watching the cars and people as they went by. I thought to myself, dang, he's already huge when he sits up straight. so of course I got the crazy idea of sitting down beside him and attempting to document the physical difference between us. I mean he's only getting bigger from here on out, so might as well document the littleness (haha. ha. ha.) while it's still here. 

I realized a couple things from the whole ordeal. (1) puppies watchings cars rarely sit still. (2) carli's without makeup and sleep still in their eyes aren't the best at self portraits with their new puppies just yet. (3) Lincoln's snout is the real star of this here show and (4) is it just me, or is he the stinkin' cutest?

1 comment:

  1. That second picture cracks me up! And yes, he is dang cute!


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