May 27, 2013

best girls weekend. ever.

To celebrate the long weekend (last weekend for us Canadian folk), I had my mom and sister over for an epic, two day sleepover. Ryan was golfing in Phoenix and while I missed him tons, we made the absolute most of our long weekend by girling it up like we know how. 

we enjoyed movie nights in and sunday brunch at sunterra. there was a forest hike with pedicures and pints to follow, of course. on the holiday monday we found ourselves downtown river walking for hours and hours, stopping to smell the flowers wherever possible. that mini adventure ended with a delicious lunch on the patio at vendome. other items of note? there was a near moose attack on our forest hike (thank goodness the pups were there) and a grand total of 3 (!!) goldie hawn movies watched over the two day period. o you better believe it was a girls weekend for the record books filled with many, many sweet moments i plan on remembering for a good long while.

My sweet little sister, Brooke

side note: how amazing is goldie hawn? we watched house sitter, overboard & first wives club and died laughing. so good. after reacquainting myself with some of ms. hawn's classics, I was blown away at how similar her daughter's mannerisms are! with kate acting, it's like we've got another 20 years of goldie hawn (version 2.0) in rom coms ahead of us, people! and this is very, very good news. 


  1. Sounds like so much fun! You guys know how to do a girl's weekend right! When I visit my mom, Goldie Hawn is always included in our weekend together. (Specifically Overboard!) My mom's big claim to fame is meeting Goldie Hawn and child-aged Kate in the late 70's when they were in the hospital my mom worked at! She even has the faded, crumbled Polaroid to prove it :)

    1. Omgeee! That is so amazing! I would die to see that Polaroid! Happy to know that there are other enthusiastic Goldie fans out there! :)


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