May 15, 2013

It's DIY Season!!

I'm sure there are ways to DIY in the winter in Calgary. It's just that I'm often too cold or snow covered to figure out how. That or our garage is a muddy mess from the cycle of snow storms and chinooks that make up the winter season around here. And on the off chance a sunny and warm day does grace us with it's presence, we're all so shocked and vitamin D deprived that we drop everything we're doing and literally soak. it. in. 

All that to say, it finally feels like DIY season around here (read: warmish. dryish. bearable, basically)! We've busted out the plans, the power tools and the paint cans! We've got some work to do this summer on our house and we can't wait to get at it! We've been in our home about 4 years now and the little lady is needing some TLC here and there. Can't wait to journal the progress!

Pic is unrelated but so cute I had to include it. If you can look past the snout, you'll notice that's Lincoln ;)

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