May 31, 2013

another lovely sunday

Last Sunday, Ryan and I had the best day together enjoying each other's company and this city. It was one of those days you enjoy so much, you only take one picture to remember said amazing day  *_*  So, I shall document the day and all it's wonder with more words than pictures...

It was a good, good day! We started the morning at Over Easy Breakfast Co...our absolute favourite place to have breaky out in Calgary. No one poaches an egg like OEB poaches an egg i tell you. From there, we trucked out to Bragg Creek with Lincoln to face my nemesis: the trail where one week prior, I came face to face with a moose on our girls weekend. I'm happy to report, no moose spotted this time. Although I was, admittedly, on edge this time around. Moose are very sneaky. People don't tell you that. One minute, the forest is silent. The next, tree trunks are being smashed underfoot, the ground is thundering and the is moose charging you! Like I said. very, very sneaky.

After our hike we went back into the city. We took a detour on our way home to visit the community of Garrison Woods. Ryan hadn't walked the neighborhood before, and I just can't even stand how cute it is (mental note: must take pictures next time. so, so cute). So, we picked out our favourite flavours at the local ice creamery (sugar cone for me, regular for him), leashed up Lincoln and walked the quaint, old world streets of Garrison Woods. The whole time we chatted about all the things we'd like in our next home using the scenic streets as jumping off points for our imaginations to run wild. The lilac, mayday and chokecherry trees were blooming like crazy. The air was candy sweet! Even Ryan noticed the delicious fragrance. And he's a guy. That's gotta say something about just how good it smelled ;)

From there, we headed home grabbing groceries and running errands along the way. A few hours of finishing some DIY projects around the house here and there, and we were ready to settle in for a bbq supper and movie. We ended the day relaxed and pleasantly spent. You know the kind of tired you feel from squeezing an unreasonable amount of walking, talking, ice cream eating and cherry blossom smelling into one day? Ya, we were that kind of tired. And it was good. 


  1. I love this post! Days like that make Mondays worse and better all at the same time.

    And I love that mooses are a semi- regular part of your life. I really want to see one some day! Maybe from afar and not charging towards me...

    1. Agreed Carly! A great Sunday is fun, but it can also make me dread the coming Monday morning that much more *_* And yes, moose have been rather frequent in my life lately haha! Funny to actually type those words since the experiences aren't exactly typical for me.


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