Jun 6, 2013

'twas a night for s'mores...until it stormed

We've worked hard on our little postage stamp backyard the last few years, trying to make it a cozy place we can retreat to and enjoy during our short summer season. We went for low maintenance, comfortable and spacious. It turned out remarkably well. We love it! At his moment in time however, the yard may or may not be in rough shape thanks to a certain wolfhound puppy taking up residence (read: most certainly is). You could say there's some work to be done.

But last night was not a night for yardwork! 'twas a night for s'mores, don't you know. so with my trusty gruff grandpa puppy and my moonlighting lumberjack of a husband, I kicked up my feet to survey our somewhat dishevelled plot of land and snack down a s'more or four in celebration. celebration of summer!

We celebrated for a good long while before my hair started haphazardly dancing with ashes in the wind, smoke started stinging our eyes incessantly and the clouds rolled out and over stealing any slivers of sunlight we had left. Hence my cautious s'more face and ryan's concerned attempt at a smile below. It was around this time we decided to drag everything inside, including our smokey smelling puppy and sticky s'more fingers for a movie marathon to round out the night in good measure. Overall it was a very successful evening of avoiding our adult responsibilities by indulging in our childlike love for bonfires and s'mores :)

side note: about 2 years ago we started making s'mores with nutella. the jersey milk bar, and any other milk chocolate bar for that matter, is dead to us. the nutella is melty by nature!! a gooey treat made even gooier with the delicious concoction that is chocolate and hazelnuts and whatever other magic goes into nutella. it's safe to say we are changed people and we will never look back ;)

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  1. AnonymousJune 19, 2013

    Oh how fun! Who doesn't love a good s'more! ok, now I want one.


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