May 10, 2013


puppies are a lot of work. i've found this out over the last couple months. they require round the clock watch. 'leave this' and 'drop that' and 'out' i don't know how many times. try to have a conversation with ryan and it goes a little something like... "So i was thinking, for dinner we could try lincoln. leave it. that new pub down the street. I haven't had drop it. i SAID drop. it. a good fish and chips platter in some time. It's worth out. out of the kitchen and young puppy sir?... no counter surfing. checking the place out. What d'ya say? Want to give it a try?"

yes, our lives, our conversations, even our attempts a quiet downtime have been fully permeated by the presence of this young pup and our attempts at training him to be a wonderful dog. and friends? i feel like we're getting there. the beginning was intense. non-stop. but now I catch myself wandering the house without making sure he's following me or on his bed. i find myself trusting him, encouraging him to enjoy himself, resting a little easier ... almost like he's carved out his niche. he's found his place in our little life, and for all of us, it fits like a glove. at first it was different, and a challenge at times, and new. but as a little family we're figuring things out as we go. and wouldn't you know it our new reality is starting to feel a lot like it's always been this way. like its hard to imagine things before our conversations were peppered with training phrases and morning routines before they included hugging this giant pup as he struggles to wake up from yet another 'best-sleep-of-my-life' sleep.

i guess it feels like progress. and progress? that forward motion? no matter where i seem to notice it in my life, i'm always grateful for it. it always feels good. 


  1. Lovely writing, as usual! I smiled as I read the conversation you wrote out, it is universal to anyone with a dog nearby!

    Also, I never thanked you for the thoughtful & lovely message you left on my blog recently. It was so encouraging and loving. Thank you, Carli! You are a sweet, unexpected blessing from blogging.

    1. You are so welcome Carly. I feel the same. So grateful for blogging and the sweet blessings I've encountered through it especially! Trust you're in my thoughts and prayers as you navigate this season.


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