May 8, 2013

that first hot and hazy day of summer: part 2

people. this past monday? amazing. the air was literally thick with heat. heavy even. as though everything seemed to be moving a little slower, including time itself. it was beyond. 

we've been waiting for our winter to finish up with it's bad self for too long now. 'enough winter!' we said. and we were heard! monday graced us with the hot, hazy heat we'd been waiting for and now we're all sunburnt. 

but that's neither here nor there. the point is, the weather was too delicious not to savour and enjoy. so we did!

after a lovely time golfing in the early afternoon, we ran home to grab the pup and headed downtown to visit the river and our favourite ice cream stop. we each had a scoop (or two, but who's counting?) and sauntered along the river pathway taking in the views. eventually, we made our way off the beaten trail to let this pup of ours have a little quality time with the river. we even got in ourselves for a bit! 

i'm thankful for our flexible work schedules and for this puppy, both which encourage us to take advantage of beautiful weather and this stunning city we are fortunate to call home. looking forward to more days like this, all summer long!

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