May 7, 2013

that first hot and hazy day of summer: part 1

yesterday was gorgeous. o my goodness. i kept pinching myself, wondering how we had come right out of snowy, sloppy winter and stumbled into hot, hot summer. there aren't even leaves on the trees and the grass is just finally starting to see the sun out from under all that snow. to be honest, it felt like one of those long, hot august summer days. and you better believe we soaked it all in. these pasty white canadian hides of ours needed some vitamin d. and we got it!

ryan only worked a half day, so we were able to golf 9 holes in the afternoon. now to say my golf game (if i ever had one??) is rusty, is an understatement. the only thing consistent about my golf game is how inconsistent i am. o but i have fun! and for me, these days, that's what counts. years and years of playing competitive sports has helped me kick back a little and enjoy sports as an adult. often sports i didn't play growing up. i try to be relaxed with myself as i learn these new skills and attempt to be more present and just enjoy the activity itself versus focusing on the score. 

during our time on the course we booted around in our golf cart, hit a couple golf balls, soaked up some rays and even tested the reach on ryan's super-extending ball retriever by nabbing my freshly submerged ball out of the pond without ever hauling our behinds out of the cart itself (the reach on that retriever is seriously impressive!). we spent a good amount of time talking and laughing. we also spent a good amount of time in silence, enjoying the drive from hole to hole, enjoying the weather, and just enjoying each other's quiet company. it was a lovely start to our first, true summer day.


  1. Not only does the weather looks amazing but YOU look amazing!!! Look at you in your adorable golf attire :) I love it.

    1. Aw thanks Alycia!! You are too kind! Totally blushing over here :)


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