Jul 20, 2013

a round of golf, time with sweet friends and a some hypothermia for good measure

on monday we were fortunate enough to take the weekday and enjoy a charity golf game with good friends. One would think it was the 15th of July. but if one thought that, one would be mistaken. Because my friends, while the calendar may have said the 15th of July, the weather powers that be were in more of a blustery-october-in-alberta state of mind. the winds and sleet (yes, sleet. super sad face.) were borderline unbearable to start off the day. about 45 minutes in, all of our hands had started to experience that slow and painful 'i'm a part of your body and I am literally starting to freeze' sensation. 

and then. just when we had about lost hope, lo and behold. andy pulled out his portable mini speaker and got the dance tunes a pumpin. next thing you know, we were dancing like we'd never danced before. crazy, frozen, so far beyond caring about appearances people dancing away in an attempt to warm up. anything to move and shake the shivers away! in between each shot on each hole, we'd dance. dance like there was no tomorrow. or at the very least, like there was no heat. because there wasn't, you see. 

and it worked! by the time the sun finally came out (around hole 14), we had effectively staved off hypothermia and had saved our digits from imminent freezing. as for the quality of the dance show we put on, well...I can't speak to that. the poor groups behind us watching us shake our booties on each green had to be scratching their heads. but i maintain, we did what we needed to do to survive. and in choosing to survive that unlikely july storm, hopefully we spread a few laughs along the way ;)

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