Jul 21, 2013


sometimes I feel tired. like normal tired. and then there are days where i feel exhaustion deep in my bones. you know those days? I'm sure you do. we all have them. sometimes, they make sense. and sometimes, the sneak up out of nowhere. either way, they are powerful mental and physical reminders to slow down. 

today was one such day. after another fun but exerting day working the farmer's market ryan, my mom and myself retreated to the park to walk lincoln before my mom headed back to high river. i don't think any of us realized how tired we were (all for different reasons) until we reached the turning point in the walk where we usually take up temporary residence on the benches dotting the lookout. 

when we arrived, we sat down. we sat and we stared. stared at our city and at the grass and at the rivers. we exchanged a few words here and there, but mostly we simply sat and stared. and o that sitting and staring felt good. it felt good to retreat. to withdrawal from any feelings of obligation to be doing something other than nothing. 

i'm grateful for that mental retreat we all enjoyed today. and i'm especially grateful for the company i shared it with. my formerly weary mind is feeling rested and refreshed. off to bed now for a good night's sleep to round out that pesky physical side of exhaustion. and so. monday will be good!

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  1. i completely understand by what you mean- that absolutely tired feeling where you just want to plop down in a moment of silence. quiet relaxation is refreshing like no other. glad you had a nice mental retreat!
    xo Akshara
    Simply Akshara


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