Aug 28, 2013

Cheers to Eight Years in New York City!

In the midst of rather unexpectedly selling our home, trying to find a rental, working to finalize the building/financing details on our new home and both being quite busy with work,  leaving for a trip (albeit planned well in advance) felt a little untimely to me, even days before we were set to leave. Of course we were both beyond excited to celebrate our anniversary this summer in New York, seeing what fun when we visiting last Fall as the city readied itself for Christmas. However with our plates feeling rather full, nipping away for a mini-vacation wasn't feeling all too feasible.

As good fortune would have it, I would later see, we had paid for too many components of our trip in advance. Those items were either non-refundable or at the very least would incur large late penalties if cancelled. Essentially, it made more sense to go than to stay and loose some of what we had invested. 

And o my. 

Did we n e e d to go or what! The trip was beyond. It was the perfect getaway. The perfect opportunity to reconnect. The perfect reason to step away from our everyday, gain some clarity and come back to our present circumstances refreshed and refocused. 

New York in the summer is positively enchanting, as expected. I have so many pictures and stories to share of our time away, and plan to do so as soon as I have a moment. It was a darling little adventure meant to happen, meant for us and meant for now. I am always so grateful when life works out that way; sometimes our momentary perception of what's best or what should be lacks big picture perspective. Then the big picture plays out and everything you thought you understood, you end up understanding a whole lot better ;)

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