Aug 28, 2013

New York in the Summertime - Part 1

New York in the summertime. There are few things lovelier. When we were in New York last November, it was nearly winter and only the most stubborn leaves were still clinging to their branches. A good, long autumn and hurricane Sandy'll do that to even the lushest of New York trees I imagine. 

But this time it was August and we were therefore graced with brilliant greens and vibrant reds. Splash pads and fountains sputtering about too. Sure, the hot and humid smell of overheating garbage and dank subway tunnels would overwhelm us from time to time. But those summertime smells, although mildly off-putting at first, seem to add to the character of this bustling city in the summertime. As if I ever thought I'd say something that nice about hot and steamy garbage. O New York, see what you do to people? You charm them, in the funniest of ways.

The first two days in New York we made the rounds. A quick re-familiarization with the subway system and we were off. I maintain, the subway might be one of my favourite things about New York. It deserves its own post, really. 

Rest assured, it shall be written.

But for now, the above ground sights and sounds of NYC...

Thanks to the aforementioned and most beloved subway system, we were able to see a lot of New York in very little time. During the first two days (pictured above) we experienced Hell's Kitchen, the Upper West Side, our favourite brunch stop 'Good Enough to Eat', The West Village, The (original) Magnolia Bakery, the flower district, Washington Square Park, the Flat Iron district, Eataly, the subway during rush hour (!!) and oysters at night, overlooking Rockefeller Plaza. We threw ourselves right back into the city that first captured our hearts last November, and it was almost as though we never left. New York is some kind of special. And it was incredibly special to be back so soon. 

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  1. First of all, you are one fashionable lady! I love green on you!

    Secondly, congrats again on 8 years! That is definitely something to celebrate! I can't wait to hear about the rest of your vacation :)


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