Aug 9, 2013

our future home.

We originally put our home up for sale to see what would happen. We weren't sure if the market would react in our favour, but figured we'd try. You see, we never imagined ourselves staying in our current home longer than five years. That was a sort of predetermined timeline we'd felt since the day we bought it. Strangely enough, this coming January would have been 5 years in this home. 

Now, the home itself is lovely. However, we had always hoped to eventually move to a neighbourhood with nature at it's doorstep. Living where we currently do, I sincerely love our home and our sweet little street. What we don't have a lot of, though, is natural beauty. Sure we've done our best with our own backyard, but one step outside our property and there isn't much nature to be had. So to move, we decided, the next neighbourhood would have to be beeeaaaaauuuutiful. Some forest, a little river, a few rolling hills and lush natural paths for good measure. That would be the dream. If we were going to move, it would have to be because we were moving somewhere rich in natural beauty.

So wouldn't you know...just before we decided to list or even knew we would be listing for that matter, Ryan mentioned an area in Cochrane that had piqued his interest, close to where he works. Now it should be said that Ryan's not the type to force an issue. He'll just mention something once and let it go if nothing comes of it. This instance was different though. He was insistent on us checking this neighbourhood out. Very persistent. So, even though we initially struggled to coordinate our schedules, we finally managed to go see the area one day over his lunch hour. 

And o my goodness. We fell in love. 

The neighbourhood was exactly the kind of neighbourhood we'd move for. So, after a little pricing to be sure it was within reach, we decided we would list our home and see what happened. 

As I mentioned previously, and to our great surprise, our home sold in record time. What an honest and unexpected blessing! That was pretty much the answer we needed to proceed with purchasing what will soon be our new home in Cochrane. 

The neighbourhood is a new development, so we will be building our home through a builder. Cue the mad Pinterest pinning spree that's about to go down as I frantically try to decide on design choices! But seriously, we are building this home from the ground up, so there are many choices to be made...all of which I hope to share as we go along. The home should be ready sometime around Christmas or slightly after. Ack! Can't believe that even one month ago selling our home hadn't even crossed my mind.  Amazing how quickly things can come together sometimes!

Now you might be wondering what these pictures have to do with where we're moving. Well this. This gorgeous park is directly adjacent to where our new home will be. 


We are building on the opposite side of the river. In the large picture (3rd from the top), you can see homes on the ridge. We are building in a new development which is down the hill from those homes, nestled against the forest a couple blocks from the river. When I walk this river path with Lincoln (and his big boy friends who belong to Crystal, and who is coincidentally moving to Cochrane as well! ... oh happy day!), I can see what will be our home on the other side. 

I'll be sharing pictures of the lot and the home as we move along in this process. For now, we still have to pack up our current home (and the truckload of emotions that'll come along with that), find a place to rent (with a wolfhound...wish us luck ;) and settle in for several months of waiting as our new home is built. It will be an interesting adventure, but one we're looking forward to! On to a new and exciting chapter! 


  1. What a gorgeous place! The color of the water is so pretty. Moving is definitely a roller coaster of emotions, but in the end when you move into your new home, it'll be worth it. I just moved with my parents and brothers again to Chicago, and I'm so excited for a new wonderful type of change in my life :)
    Simply Akshara

  2. So excited for your new adventures. Can't wait!

  3. Wow. That is so incredible and beautiful! I am so excited to see this next chapter of your lives unfold. And being in on the designing of your house? That's a girl's dream my friend. Enjoy that!

    1. Thanks Carly! It really is exciting! Lots of decisions to be made. Hoping to take lots of pics and share as much as I can :)


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