Aug 6, 2013

rainy and relaxing holiday monday

Since we're considering moving to Cochrane, we decided it would be nice to start our holiday monday out there. It's a short drive from Calgary and a beautiful one at that. Interestingly, even though Ryan grew up in Cochrane and has worked there for some time, it wasn't until recent that the idea of moving to Cochrane became a real consideration of ours. Needless to say, now that it's high on our list, I seem to find myself there all the time. This past monday was no different.

So we set out bright and early to take in the crisp holiday morning in what may be our new stomping grounds. A quick stop at Cochrane Coffee Traders, (the cutest little wood cabin, turned coffee shop off main street you ever did see) 2 muffins + 2 americanos later and we were feeling pretty good. Our walk along the river park didn't hurt the whole 'lets see if we can make this holiday monday any sweeter' initiative either.

Anyway, it wasn't long after our walk that my favourites, those brooding storm clouds, decided to roll in. By this point we were at the dealership, where we had stopped in for a few moments for Ryan to get organized for Tuesday. To my delight, a thunderstorm began and the skies poured out their watery reserves. I managed to catch a little of the drenching that occurred in the video below.  I could watch it over and over again. Something about the rain....does wonders for my soul. 

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  1. Beautiful! Growing up in a city that is sunny all year round, I have come to appreciate this kind of weather :) Nothing like listening to the music of Mother Nature with a loved one and a hot drink.


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