Sep 4, 2013

New York in the Summertime - Part 3

We flew out of New York on Thursday in the early evening, which meant we had the better part of one last day in the city. We took things slower that rainy day, starting with another brunch date at Good Enough to Eat. Because any scrumptious restaurant boasting Vermont Cheddar/Granny Smith Apple omelettes AND bacon waffles is going to see this happy face more than once in a three day period. And thats just the truth of it, folks. 

From brunch we meandered our way through the upper west side into Central Park and got lost on purpose. Because if there's anywhere you want to get lost on purpose, I gotta think its Central Park ♡

And after a thorough hike, a serendipitous and beyond inspired performance by the most angelic park performers and a couple conversations on the precise location of true north (mostly because we were really lost....Central Park is rather large we found out), we happened upon the mall. That canopied walkway in and out of Central Park you always see in the movies. Like how rewarding is that? Get lost on purpose and find your way out rather un-purposefully through the most famous of famous park pathways. The pathway I really wanted to see. That same pathway which happened to spit us out of the park and onto The Plaza Hotel on 5th ave. How fortuitous! Because a friend had recommended Lady M's crepe cake in the lower level of The Plaza hotel, and we had been meaning to try it. And so our Central Park adventure came to a close with a crepe cake in the hotel that has forever held rank in my mind as classicaly iconic and utterly New York. 

A long time ago, I remember watching an interview by Sarah Jessica Parker discussing the end of Sex and the City. She said something along the lines of there being 5 characters in the show not 4, like so many people had presumed. New York, the city, was a character herself. Thats what New York feels like to me. Like New York itself, is actively participating and contributing to your experience there. Its just so special And it speaks to the very depths of this girl's travel-loving soul. 


  1. Ooooh my gosh, I'm in love with this post! This sounds like a PERFECT day! Someday, SOMEDAY I will go to New York and experience this! I am loving living vicariously through you until I am able to go myself :)

    1. Thanks Courtney! Hope you can sneak away one day soon! You will love every minute of it, I'm sure :)


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