Aug 29, 2013

New York in the Summertime - Part 2

How New York is this swampy pic of an overheating me just grinning away through 1000% humidity 5 stories below street level?  SO New York, right? Thought I'd include that beauty to assure you we weren't vacationing anywhere else but the big, hot-and-sweaty apple. 

Days three and four were a whirlwind, much like our first two days in the city. Day three, in particular, was warm like no other. Honestly the humidity combined with that heat? Yeeesh. That said, I feel we acclimatized fairly well, and adventured fearlessly regardless. Humidity be damned, we had places to see and besides for holstering my increasingly out of control mane into a topknot more times than I care to admit, the heat barely made an impact ;)

Over the course of our third and fourth days in New York we attended a Yankees vs. Blue Jays game, shopped on 5th Ave, got late night frozen custard concretes at Shake Shack in Times Square, had breakfast at Chelsea Market, walked the Highline, caught a farmer's market in the Flat Iron district, had an Eataly supplied picnic in Madison Square Park, stumbled upon the Chrysler Building after exiting Grand Central and got lost in Central Park. At the end of each day, our feet were record-setting sore. Which means you know they were really, really good days. 

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