Oct 16, 2013

Building Our New Home: Cabinets, Counters, Tile & Paint

Further to my last home design post about our flooring choices, I wanted to share the remainder of our selections. This picture better illustrates how everything fits together. But before I get into them, a little note about the colour scheme and why we went the direction we did.

Our tastes have changed since we built our last home, which is to be expected over time. While we still love rich woods and warm neutrals, we've also more recently realized we're fond of greys and crisp whites when it comes to the structural elements of the home. So, when it came to making our selections, here's where we landed: Choose the warmth of neutrals we enjoyed in our previous home and enhance them with grey undertones we now know we love, classic white trim and light, timeless cabinetry. Essentially, it all boiled down to...

greige. find the delicious line between grey and beige. not in a boring, non-commital kind of way. no. more in like a timeless, 'no matter how much your design preferences change you can work with this' kind of way. 

So, that's what we did. And I think we nailed it!

Here are a few inspiration spaces that most closely resemble the direction we're going with our home...

Image Via
Image Via
And now, a quick breakdown of the design selections above:

Wall Colour: I'm hoping the colour we chose is the epitome of fresh, clean greige. Note, the colour is lighter than the picture above shows. The walls should be lighter than our last home, but rich enough in this new home to ground the white woodwork/trim and provide some overall warmth throughout the home. 

Quartz Countertop: The name of this countertop is Cinderblock, which is perfect! It very closely resembles polished concrete countertops, which we love! We also had a GREAT experience with Quartz in our last home, so we were definitely keen on having it again.

Cabinet Colour & Style: We went with classic white lacquered, maple cabinets. The style is similar to shaker with a slight detail on the interior bordered edge. While I don't have a picture of the cabinet hardware, our drawer pulls are similar to the half-moon pulls in the first inspiration picture above. The cabinet doors will have simple knobs in the same, rustic steel finish. 

Backsplash: Simple, timeless white subway tile. So excited for this! The grout we chose is a shade off from our wall colour...so a warm, neutral greige. I'm hoping the coloured grout provides some contrast for the tile and pattern throughout the home. This tile will be used in the kitchen as backsplash, around the fireplace and in all the bathrooms around the sinks and tubs. Love the continuity that will provide throughout the home. 

I'm getting very excited to see these details come together as the home begins to form :)


  1. It's going to be soooo beautiful. I can't wait to see the completed product!

    1. Thanks Amy! LOVED seeing you and baby Alexandra today! xoxo

  2. Beautiful! I'm loving following along on your new adventures and seeing the progress of your home! I adore your color choices. So bright and inviting and clean and lovely.

    Also, how GORGEOUS are those yellow trees? Sheesh. Canada, here I come.

    1. Thanks Carly! I'm so excited to see how everything comes together in the home and I'm loving writing about the experience. Happy to hear you're enjoying following along! And as for a future trek to Canada to see our trees, you should come! Just wait a little while so I can get myself a real roof overhead. After that, you're welcome any time!! ;)

  3. Wow! This is looking very Beautiful ..
    Thanks for sharing such amazing post !!


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