Oct 17, 2013

Building Our New Home: Construction Update

So, as I've mentioned a time or two by now, I can see our new home being built from my RV office. Which is the. coolest. It's also proof, that with a good telephoto lens, you can take pictures of things from very far away. Good thing I'm not of the stalkerish variety, or that telephoto lens could be used for sinister purposes. Me? I just like to creep on the progress of my new home. Harmless if you ask me ;)

Anyway, the other day I decided to work from the RV office, as opposed to the living room or kitchen table. I figured they would be pouring our basement walls soon and if possible, I wanted to catch some pictures of them in action. Well, I DID! Totally by accident. I was working away, pretty wrapped up in the task at hand when I glanced out the window and saw a frenzy of activity and concrete trucks lining up! Thankfully they were bright yellow or might have just glanced and missed them. 

This was them pouring our basement walls. I'm plan on taking photos of the basement walls in the next couple days. For now, the walls are curing. Our builder said framing should start within 5-7 days of the basement being poured. That means the exterior shape and interior layout of the home will be taking shape soon. Very exciting!

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