Oct 4, 2013

moving day and where we've landed

We made it! We're officially moved out of our home and are living in a 5th wheel for the next 20 days!

Yes. A 5th wheel RV! But I'm getting ahead of myself. First, let me catch up. Lets start with moving day...

You like to think you can prepare for moving, but really, can you really? I'm not entirely sure. You see, I'm a planner, and I feel like we p l a n n e d. And still, with all our family there to help and most of the packing done in advance, moving day still took 16 hours and every ounce of energy we had. It took me 2 days to feel any semblance of normalcy or at the very least, stability. My car on the other hand? Notsomuch. Because like I said above, even though we planned for the day fairly well, you better believe we were dumping the contents of our closet in my Rav at midnight the night before possession. Since then, if I've needed a clean t-shirt or socks, I just pad out to my car and root until I find what I'm looking for. I'm a sorry sight, I tell you. But we made it out in time, all packed with the house cleaned up and ready for possession! For that, I can live with my vehicle bursting with clothing, functioning as my makeshift closet for the time being :)

Now on to the fun slash 'file this under random news' ... Our home won't be ready until the end January. Which means between September 30th and the end of January (give or take), we're without a permanent residence. So the last few months have been a scramble of sorts. With the rental market entirely saturated in Calgary post-flood, finding a place to stay for 4 months with a large dog was nearly impossible....until we started asking friends and family.

Thanks to the generosity of those friends and family, we are going to be spending the next four months in two different spaces. The first is this amazing 5th wheel RV loaned graciously to us by a friend of my mom. We are living here until October 21st and so far, it's been a blast! I have so much to write about even from the short time we've been here so far. Those posts will come because there's no way I can forget about this unique and adventurous season in our lives.

As if the RV itself wasn't enough being massive, with more than enough space for us to feel like we're on an extended 'glam'ping trip, there's this....

That picture above is the view from the RV office window (Ooooo yes...there's an office in the RV. A tour of this swank unit is most certainly in order and will come soon enough.) But back to the view! The view of our lot, where our new home is being built. I can actually see it from our RV. See, once I found out we would be living in an RV for a little while, I knew the perfect place to park it. Right across the river from our new community, alongside our very favourite off leash park, is a beautiful RV park. We walk the off leash path often as it was one of the major reasons why we fell in love with where we'll be building. I always noticed the sweet little park where so many retirees spend their summers taking in the beauty Cochrane offers. So, staying in this park was a natural choice once we realized living in an RV would be part of our moving adventure. What I couldn't have planned was the lot we would be assigned in the park and that it would have a picture perfect view of the community we're building in, let alone our lot!! Yesterday, while working, I actually watched them dig our basement! So funny. Funny how life works out sometimes. 

I have so much more to write and share about the last days in our home, wrapping up our move, our first days in the RV and all the feelings bubbling up inside me these days as the landscape of our 'normal' continues to change so dramatically. I plan on collecting and sharing those thoughts as soon as possible. Life is an adventure, and when it takes me so intensely outside my comfort zone, I feel its especially worth documenting to remember everything I'm learning about myself along the way. I'm excited to do so ♡

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