Oct 5, 2013

the sweet morning after moving day

As I previously wrote, the location of the RV we're living in right now is directly across the river from where our new home is being built. On our current side of the river, there is the most exquisite path and park where we run Lincoln in the morning and night. Thank goodness for this park! Living in an RV with a pup as big as him would be so challenging if we couldn't get him exercised often enough. Fortunately, with that park as our backyard, he gets his runs and we get a sleeping giant in our teensy living quarters. Win/win!  

Anyway on Monday, the day after moving, we were exhausted. We had finally gotten to the RV and to sleep sometime around 2am the night before. That whirlwind of a day came to screeching halt in a foreign setting that should have left us feeling displaced or at the very least, missing our old home on some level the next morning. Upon waking, Ryan left to go to work leaving Lincoln and I to ourselves. First things first, I got ready for our walk. I grabbed my camera to snap some pictures of our new digs and we set out. Here is what we saw that morning. 

If there was even an ounce of me on Sunday night that was missing our old home, I lost it walking along the river Monday morning. That's not to say this typically emotional girl doesn't sometimes think about our old home and all the memories we made there. Its just that our landing place, this space that welcomed our displaced little family pod late Sunday night, is so sweet and so close to where we'll be living in a couple months that I feel unexpectedly peaceful in the midst of such transition.

And on that note, this valley feels like home....which is a welcome relief having just left our home of five years for a home not yet built. I know we don't even permanently live here yet, but I can't describe the peace and calm that washed over me during our walk that morning. At one point during the walk, I texted Ryan a picture of Lincoln running along the river bank. Almost immediately he wrote back: 'we're meant to be here'. Deep words from my man of few words. He feels it too. We're supposed to be  here .... right here, right now. Amid somewhat random living circumstances, I'm grateful for the peace we both feel about where we've landed and what we're working towards. 


  1. Oh my goodness, it's GORGEOUS there! You are so lucky that you get to call these surroundings home, even though your house isn't finished yet. I can imagine how beautiful your home will be :) I'm so excited for you and totally jealous, ha ha!

    1. Thanks Courtney! Definitely feeling fortunate to call this place home....even if it is in an RV for the time being ;)


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