Nov 21, 2013

5 am

To accommodate the commute for Ryan's new job as well as one of our long term goals as a couple to be *consistent* early risers, (we are THE worst snoozers) we've decided to start getting up at 5 am on the regular. And you know what? A couple weeks in, we're loving it. It turns out consistency is the key. It also turns out that snoozing is the devil. The snooze!! Because when that alarm clock goes off for the first time, it usually wakes us up out of  deep sleep. We feel rested. The snooze, however, nudges us out of a light sleep. You know that delicious line between awake and asleep? Ya, that one's a toughy to say no to. So inevitably, you snooze some more. Snoozing begets snoozing. For that reason, we've said goodbye to the snooze and we're not looking back. 

althooooouuuuugh. there is one rascal out of the bunch who celebrates the snooze and everything it stands for. 

Fortunately, lincoln doesn't have to get up to work. So the snoozing lifestyle is one he'll continue practicing. And we'll continue being grateful for our lazy slug of a puppy in the morning. I mean we're getting used to 5 am, but we're no superheroes. If puppy can wait a couple hours for his morning puppy *ahem* duties…we'll take it!

1 comment:

  1. love lazy cuddle pups in the morning! and a gorgeous view in the morning is nice too ;)


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