Nov 20, 2013

week of friends. weekend with ryan. ♡ perfect ♡

Last week my social life and I reconnected. After weeks of annoying myself (and other's I'm sure) by repeatedly saying 'maybe I'll have more time next week?', I was finally able to catch up with most everyone. With packing and moving and then RV'ing and moving once more, the last several weeks have been such a blur. I'm sure there's been more time than I felt like there was. But like I've said before, when going through change I tend to take care of the essentials and then recluse to cope as I become comfortable with my new normal. I'm working on that knee-jerk response of mine. In time, I'm sure I'll be able to carve out time for everything. But as things stand, I'm part extrovert part hermit. I am who I am :)

Anyway, over the course of the week I was able to see several of my friends. Soul food I tell you!! Reconnecting with my most favourite people is high on my list of life's best and most simple pleasures. Then, because the weather was so terrible on Saturday Ryan decided to work from home. Meaning he was home for two whole days over the weekend!! Big. Deal. And even though Saturday was mostly work for him, it was such a treat to have him around. On Sunday we had a belated and joint birthday celebration with Ryan's family for me and my mother-in-law. It was a lovely time with family. After that the boys went to the football game and I made my way over to my mom's new place to help  set up her tree and hang some pictures (She is still recovering from her broken shoulder so it's a good thing us four kiddos are around to come by and help her get settled. PS. Her new place is GORGEOUS. I'll share pictures soon!).

I wish I had taken more pictures last week but I was too busy gabbing my face off, lapping up overdue time with my favourites. So, the one snapshot of one coffee shop I managed to take will have to suffice. Also, and unrelated, but I am really digging the views on my drive home these days. I wish an iPhone photo could do the mountains justice, but take it from me…in person they are 100x bigger and 1000x more breathtaking. 

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