Nov 3, 2013

Life, lately

We're finally feeling settled here at the cabin, just in time to savour winter's first real snow. Something about our current living situation having a wood burning fireplace and a lifetime's supply of firewood is making this first snowfall a whole lot cozier than last year. If memory serves. 

And thats a good thing. We need a little cozy right now. See in addition to being in between homes rather unconventionally, Ryan and I are both experiencing transitions in our professional lives. My business is in an evolution of sorts. Good in many ways, just different ... a departure from normal, but at the same time, exciting in a way that has me looking forward to the future with anticipation. Regardless, change is change and it seems to always require adjustment and adaptation. At the same time (because why shouldn't everything happen all at once right ;), a tremendous career opportunity surfaced for Ryan. While he loved his previous job, this new opportunity is such an exciting and obvious next step for him. Its an opportunity he's worked passionately for and is sincerely excited to pursue. So on Friday, after five years at his previous job, he started his new job. 

I so grateful that everything we're dealing with (I guess I'm talking about change in general, here) is a result of opportunity. I'm very aware that the change we are experiencing is good change, just higher in volume than I would have personally bargained for at one time...let's say ;) We are blessed and I feel so fortunate. And so even though all of these changes surfaced right as we were packing up our home and about to begin living like gypsies as we wait for our new home to be completed, I remain grateful for everything that's happening. Lately, when chatting about our life right now, I often remark that if I had my choice I wouldn't have asked for everything to happen at once. But then I'm reminded ... we can't write our futures. I sometimes think I can encourage outcomes and plan things down to the last detail. But in reality, I can't. And if this season of change is teaching me anything, its to be flexible. to be open to a future I couldn't have planned for myself; because in my experience, staying flexible has often yielded the most happy and contented chapters of my life. 

As the days go by, I'm beginning to realize that nothing feels better than remaining open and flexible to our present and our future. A gracious frame of mind if you will. I'm still learning, but I feel like a whole lot of practice lately is helping me learn that much quicker :)

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