Oct 30, 2013

Building Our New Home: Construction Update

As of two days ago, we have the beginnings of a roof and a completed second floor! I have to say, I'm particularly excited about the exterior lines and the roof. I mean, the entire process has been pretty exciting. But the elevation of the home is the one part we couldn't view in person. The show home we selected our floor plan from has a different elevation than the one we chose. So, seeing the front of the home and the exterior lines come together has been pretty cool! The roofline itself is rather intricate on our home, so I'm just amazed at how fast this framing crew is pulling everything together and at how lovely everything is looking.

Anyway, I'm sure by now, the roof is fully constructed and framing is coming to a close. Our site superintendent told us the framing stage would go fast because of the crew he has working on it, but 1 week?? Amazing! And super fun for us to watch. Hence the giddy grins :)

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