Dec 20, 2013

Dashing Through The Snow

One of my absolute favourite things is watching Lincoln run with all his might towards me. It is seriously the cutest. If you can get yourself juuust far enough away before calling him, you're in for a show. So, today I decided to crouch down in the snow far enough away to catch a few seconds of his now infamous approach. The resulting pictures are pretty funny. The last one is a little blurry and I'm ok with that. I happily forfeited focus on that one for a camera and face not smooched by 150 lb. of puppy running in for some celebratory, behind the ear scratches ;) 

I should mention that when not sprinting towards you, Lincoln is often standing stoically, surrounded by foliage looking off longingly into the distance. Probably thinking of the mystical, otherworldly land he hales from. 

Love this little Gandalf we've inherited ♡

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