Dec 23, 2013

Our Weekend

On Saturday I enjoyed a very Christmasy drive out to see Ryan at work. I met several of his coworkers and got a tour of the new dealership. It was so fun! After our little tour, we stepped out to grab lunch at Five Guys and O my.  I'm not typically and burger and fries girl, but Five Guys? I crave that place! Favourite burger and fries stop at the moment, for sure!

Sunday was low key with Ryan and Lincoln. Before and after church we enjoyed some time visiting with my mom. Two Starbucks before noon? I'll take it! It's Christmas after all ;) After visiting with my mom, second Starbucks in hand, we stopped in at several Best Buy's to purchase TV's for a giveaway Ryan's doing at work. Once the jeep was bursting with TV's, we headed home to play with the pup and settle in for what is becoming our Sunday routine: the movie marathon. 

Like so many days lately, it's honestly too cold to head down to the park and stay for a reasonable amount of time. So yesterday, we decided to make the most out of the lovely yard we have here at the cabin and play in snow! It was FREEZING, but so fun. Just what Lincoln needed to sleep soundly through our movie fest. 

And now it's Christmas! We're looking forward seeing both our families over the next several days. Hoping you're able to do the same!


  1. I love photos of your pup, they make me smile! He's such a goof.
    Have you tried In N Out in the states? SO amazing!!

    1. Heck yes!! Whenever we're in the states, we locate the nearest In N Out and be sure to visit a minimum of 2-3 times! Totally our weakness when travelling :) Happy to know you're an In N Out fan too!

    2. Most definitely! We also squeeze in about 3 visits when in Phoenix for a week!
      Have a wonderful Christmas, Carli!

  2. These photos are beyond precious. Merry Christmas!!! :)


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