Dec 4, 2013

Our Weekend

This past weekend was a lovely weekend. Busy and sweet. On Saturday night we met up with Tara and baby Hunter at our most favourite stop, Cochrane Coffee Traders. With a hot drink in hand, we set out to wander main street. Cochrane Light Up was my first town event since moving here and it was lovely! The whole street was closed off to traffic, filled to the brim with people, bonfire stations, music and food. It was cold out but we bundled up and stuck close together. I loved it! Afterwards Ryan and I enjoyed a pint at our favourite pub in town and caught up after a long and busy week. Love nights like those. 

Sunday was lazy and perfect. We started with breakfast out and meandered our way through errands and a movie or two. Its been a while since our weekends were so leisurely and restful. It feels good to return to a routine where we dedicate some time each week to rest and reconnect. 

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