Dec 5, 2013

baby, it's cooooooold outside!

At this point in the year its safe to say my winter hardiness has reached an acceptable level. So when I say its cold outside, trrrrust me… its cold! So cold that many of my friends and I have exchanged the odd and random text just saying…'its soooooo cold outside!!'. yep. no other reason for initiating contact except to say that I'm freezing my tail off and 'how are you? staying warm?? is that even possible right now???' 

It's THAT cold. 

and yet! dogs need to be walked. maybe for a fraction of the time and distance. but they still need to be walked. So Lincoln and I braved the frigid temps at the park yesterday to get in what walking we could. I totally turned around half way and proud to say it! Because of that, I still have my nose! And for that, I am so very grateful.

On the plus side, things are looking rather Christmasy. So we'll take that as a win! And we'll also take it from the indoors looking out. Because until cold snap subsides, we'll be hibernating inside, lighting fires and drinking far more eggnog than is socially acceptable. 

1 comment:

  1. Oooh, I am just anxiously awaiting snow here! It's just as cold though, for sure! What a beautiful landscape you have, love snowy pictures too :).


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