Mar 9, 2014

a happy home.

I'm so grateful for my happy family. Sure, we experience the ups and downs of life. Everyone does. But through those ups and downs, I'm so glad we've always placed an emphasis on some important intentions: we relish in being great friends to one another, we laugh often, we focus on living a life of love, we're careful not to take ourselves too seriously and we make sure to encourage one other tirelessly in the pursuit of our passions and purpose. When I think of our little family, I feel so happy. Happy that I'm happy. Happy Ryan's happy. Happy we care so much about each other's happiness. 

It's in this state of mind I've been thinking about this new home of ours. I love to decorate. And I plan to do a whole lot of that around here. It gives me joy to play around with the decor elements that make our house feel more like our home. Its just that this time around, I really want to incorporate a lot more of us into our home. More pictures of us/our family/our friends/our travels, more quotes that inspire and motivate and more colours/patterns/textures/images that make us smile.  I'd love for the words, memories, people and experiences that edify us to surround us. Hopefully they reflect the happiness we feel in this life we're building. And if we're not feeling so happy now and then, I hope the environment we create in this home lifts us up, comforts us and encourages us to feel better when we look around and realize how good life really is. I hope it does this for everyone who walks through our doors. 

this is my desire for our home. that it will be a reflection of our happy family. that it will be a happy home. 


  1. What a lovely post! I stumbled across your blog a while back, and as a newlywed and soon-to-be homeowner myself it's wonderful to read your take on similar life events. Many congratulations on your new home, and what a happy, beautiful home it shall be!

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment Emily! Congratulations on recently getting married and best wishes as you move into your new home!


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