Mar 5, 2014

a little glimpse into our home ...

As the days led up to our possession, I told myself a hundred times to take pictures of each room in the new house as soon as we got the keys. But unfortunately, amidst the moving day chaos, I forgot to. I had really hoped to get pictures of the home without anything in it or anything decoratively done to it. This was mainly so I would have photos to reminisce over of the home in it's original state before we got our DIY loving paws on it. Buuut moving days are hectic and stressful. And while I didn't get all the photos I had hoped for that day, I did get a little quiet time in the new place with Ryan and Lincoln as we soaked in our new space before our family showed up to help move us in. And that little memory is something I won't soon forget. 

So in that warm and fuzzy spirit, I forgive my absent minded self of 3 weeks ago and have done my best to scrounge up some iPhone photos of some rooms in the house with minimal work done or showing ;) 

// Pictured above: kitchen, dining nook //  
// Not pictured on this level: entry, half bathroom, living room, stairwell //
// Pictured above: Ryan & Lincoln in the entertainment room, Ryan installing curtain rods in the entertainment room, our bedroom, our ensuite bathroom //
// Not Pictured on this level: stairwell, laundry room, reading nook, office, bedroom hallway, guest bathroom, guest room. //

So there she is! Well at least parts of her. Eventually, I'll get the whole home photographed with my good camera. In time, in time :) 

As for moving progress, nearly everything is unpacked. Oh happy day! And almost every room has it's basic furniture in it. I've refrained from hanging anything on the walls except for some curtains in certain rooms. I'm not really in a rush to fill the space, unless it's with something we both love. One of my favourite bloggers wrote yesterday about her desires for her home to be 'simple, beautiful and full of love' vs. full of stuff. We couldn't agree more. It's our goal that this new home remains a warm and welcoming venue for those precious intentions to be practiced, exhibited and experienced daily. 


  1. Yay, a reveal! :)
    The house looks so pretty, all the soft taupes and whites. Can't wait to see what sort of DIY's you guys get into.
    Also, love the barstools-where did you find them?

    I agree about simple living. It is important not to get too weighed down with "stuff", and instead surround yourself with things and people you love and make you happy.

    1. Thanks Meagan! We're really happy with how everything turned out! The stools are from Homesense. We love them :)


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