Apr 7, 2014

life with a teenage irish wolfhound

This pup is something else. At a year and a half he's tipping scales at around 160 lb. and has legs for days. He's HUGE. And the cutest, but I'm sure you've gathered that by this point. I mean l o o k at those brows. that kind of volume can't be teased. you're either born with it or you aren't. And trust me, he's got about as much 'tude as he does volume in those brows. Spicy and playful, a rascally giant of our very own. 

Life is funny with a pup this size. He's about as gentle as baby bunny. Honestly, not a single aggressive bone in his body which is the sweetest thing. But of course, he's huge and he's a puppy. So those two facts have a fun way of rearing their unsavory head from time to time. Take, for instance, the baseball sized dent on the corner of our upstairs hallway that severely bent the metal drywall corner and buckled the drywall itself on the other side two inches back!

Now, gaze into the face of guilt people. Guilt incarnate I tell you! A momentary loss of control in a frenzy of passionate play and you're walking off a mean limp while you're mom mutters something about the wall looking like someone took a bat to it. Gotta ask yourself, was it worth it? The spastic laps you started running indoors? 

Overall, I feel like he feels like it is worth it. Regardless of how many mini-injurys he incurs, the rascally teenage play is always, always worth it. Just look at that satisfied mug. 

And you know what, I'm realizing that feeling like it's worth it might just be the right way to feel. I mean the dings and dents in a new home happen eventually. And this grandpa of a puppy, who's always been an old soul and remarkably poised for his age, is entitled to his wily teenage years isn't he? We all had 'em right? Right. So we'll weather the teenage storm with a smile and enjoy the laughs this season brings along with it. Because while there may be dings and dents as fallout, the show itself is very nearly worth the carnage. Luckily for us and for our walls, puppy teenage years seem to go by a little quicker than ours. Feeling like there's a good chance we could get out of this stage with our house still standing. 

Fingers crossed he didn't just accept that as a challenge ;)

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