Apr 2, 2014

that in between place

It seems we've found ourselves at that in between place. That place I had really hoped we'd defy the moving odds and just skip over altogether. But alas, we're there. We are officially mostly-moved-in-with-a-dash-of-moving-remnants-everywhere. sigh

The first couple weeks in the new home we were consistently eager to unpack our belongings and lovingly find new homes for each and every item. But somewhere around week three, life caught up to us. As it does. And those last couple boxes and miscellaneous items in each room just got carefully stacked in the corner as we made mental promises to find their real homes tomorrow. Tomorrow would be their day. 

Well. A few tomorrows have passed and still each room wears its little badge boasting 'freshly moved in'. And after a little thought, I think I've realized I'm ok with it. Because while my nesting heart is itching for the chance to really get some projects going around here (and believe me, we will!), my recovering inner perfectionist recognizes that sometimes….it takes time. 

So this is me, focusing on a pretty photo of some happy flowers I photographed for a photography class I'm taking (through the lovely ladies at A Beautiful Mess - total game changer by the way). Because the unpacked items will eventually find their new homes. And in the meantime, I'll happily tackle the everyday life things that might keep me from sorting them with fresh blooms in my kitchen. A kitchen I'm sure glad to call home these days. Whether it's fully moved in or not :)


  1. I wish you happiness in your new place


  2. I'm thinking of taking that class. I am getting depressed about not being able to learn my camera through books, did this teach you a lot about your camera? Like, things you didn't already know. Did you skills improve?

    1. Hi Taylor! Yes I loved the course! It was fantastic and well worth the value. I was frustrated trying to learn online and through books. This course was sooooo much better!


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