Aug 30, 2014

A Best Friend's Wedding

This past Saturday, Ryan's best friend Adam married his stunning wife Elisa. Ryan and Adam have been friends for nearly 20 years (since they were 10!). Ryan and I started dating when we were 17 and it wasn't long after we had started dating that I got to meet Ryan's best buddy Adam. It was immediately obvious what a fantastic guy he was. And thank goodness for that! I met him when Ryan and I were in that totally infatuated stage of dating when you're love drunk and can't think clearly. Like you hope you're thinking clearly, but you can't really be sure. And I remember thinking 'K, obviously I'm not the only person who thinks Ryan is a THE MOST AMAZING GUY EVER. Adam is top notch quality and he seems to think Ryan is best friend material. This is a ringing endorsement for what my doe-eyed, teenage heart seems to have been telling me all along'. Ha! 

Adam's support, loyalty and overall 'couldn't find a better best bud than this guy'-ness has been such a huge blessing in Ryan's life and in mine. They don't come better and I'm just so grateful Ryan and him have remained so close over all these years. In fact, nine years ago on this same weekend, Adam was Ryan's best man at our wedding. Nine years later, Ryan was his. Longstanding, quality friendships like these come along once in a lifetime and I'm so glad these two continue to be there for one another, year after year. 

The cherry on top of it all? He met and has now married his absolute soul mate, Elisa. And we all just love her!! It's clear they will be so happy together and we just couldn't be happier for them ♡

Nine years married to this man as of this past Tuesday! Not sure what I did to deserve him, but I'm thankful every day that we're together. He is the kindest, wisest, most patient, reliable, funny, hard working and admirable man I know. He's my rock and my greatest pleasure. Life with him is an adventure I don't want to miss one moment of. And now, to be expecting a little one together? Almost too much for this overly hormonal, excessively-prone-to-waterworks gal to process. Suffice it to say, I LOVE this man and I LOOOOVE our life together. 

// little baby is definitely a visible bump these days :) //

Fortunately, our weekend got a little work/vacation extension so we could keep the good times rolling. Ryan had to head down to Spokane after the wedding to purchase a vehicle for work. So we made a leisurely road trip out of it and had a blast! We stopped by Sandpoint's city beach to stretch our legs en route, stayed at the beautiful Davenport in Spokane, ate our way through the city, spent waaaay too much time and money at Hobby Lobby (how did I not know about this heaven before??) and felt entirely grateful that after nine years married we love each other's company more than ever. Definitely one of those sweet summer weeks we won't soon forget. 

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