Aug 29, 2014

♡ Baby ♡

//  We're are so excited to be expecting a little girl in December!  //

Oh goodness! I've always wondered how this would feel. Physically, emotionally, the whole bit. My most favourite person in the whole world and I are expecting a little of our own! Who will she be? How will we grow? What will the three of us together (+ Lincoln :) feel like? I can only imagine the adventure it will be and it's one I know we both look forward to with overflowing gratitude and eager hearts. 

Ryan and I have been married 9 years now and together for 12. I have loved every inch of the distance we've travelled together over those years. Truly, life lived with my best friend has been the greatest blessing. To be adding a little mini to our brood is just the sweetest gift. 

Fortunately, pregnancy has been gentle on me so far. I'm about 25 weeks along (22 in the picture) and am thoroughly enjoying the 'normalness' of the second trimester. Besides for the steady growth I see in my belly I feel just like myself and for that I am so grateful. From what she tells me, my mom had rather gentle pregnancies for all four of us. So far, my experience has mirrored hers so I'm hopeful that trend will continue ;) Of course, whatever comes, I'll have to take it in stride. Thankful to have Ryan's great support throughout this experience. As is his manner, if ever I've felt overwhelmed, he's been right there to lighten the load. Words can't begin to describe how much I'm looking forward to this new adventure with him ♡


  1. Congratulations again, gorgeous mama! It's a wild ride but worth every moment! Love your perspective & am so glad that you're feeling good (yay baby girl). At the time Quinn was born, R & I had been together for 12 years. And while parenthood can really test a relationship, it also strengthens an already strong one even more if you can believe it. Lots of lovely memories ahead for you three (+Lincoln ;-)!!


    1. Thanks so much lady! So cool to hear that you and the mister were together for 12 years before Quinn. I can only imagine the way parenthood will challenge us. When I think about it, it just makes me that much more grateful for the time we've spent together so far. Feeling especially grateful to have a solid foundation going into this new adventure. Thanks again for your kind words and encouragement. We appreciate it!


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