Sep 29, 2014

our life lately // vol. 3

1. Ryan and I in Vail, earlier this summer. A sweet pic of our favourite guy to look at while we missed him on his 30th birthday this past Wednesday. 
2. Love the view from baby girl's room and that pompom garland we've been crafting away at while watching movies might be the cutest thing ever. 
3. Sunny September walk with my bestie and her little ladies. 
4. Lincoln and I on our early morning walks down to the river. 
5. Still can't quite believe this view ♡
6. Somewhat shell-shocked wolfie post first (accidental) swimming session. He handled it like a champ though! And would ya look at that face?!

This week we were without Ryan while he travelled for work (to Vegas, the rascal :). And of course, Wednesday just happened to be his 30th birthday. BIG deal! Super sad we couldn't celebrate in person with him but we were sure to celebrate with him before he left. And, as is our fashion, we have a week of dinners planned to continue celebrating. He's, like, the most important person ever and we kinda want him to know it ;)

While he was away, Lincoln and I were busy. Lots of visits with family and friends and walks to soak up this glorious fall weather we're having. Sometimes sunny but always cold and misty in the morning, just exactly the way we like it. And speaking of the mist and things water related, Mr. Lincoln accomplished his first dog paddle this week! While out on  a walk with my dad, sister and brother in the woods near their place we encountered a beautiful, small lagoon. Lincoln was fetching in the water fearlessly, as is his nature. Not knowing the lagoon that well I threw the stick to a deep part and little buddy jumped in thinking he could run in to retrieve it. He ended up pulling a total canon ball into the deep end instead. Totally shocked, his soaked little face emerged from the water as he found his swimming legs and instinctually paddled back towards shallow ground. Admitting full bias, it was probably THE cutest thing I've ever seen. Dad, Tyrone, Brooke and I got so excited and praised him like crazy. It was adorable and like the little fearless champ he is, he was back fetching in no time. 

I was so aware this week as I enjoyed great visits with family, my sweet friends, walks in the forest near our home and marathon nesting & decor sessions around our cozy home that life is so, so good. And while I miss Ryan so much when he's away, I'm so grateful for the many special people and other blessings in our life that make time spent away from him sweet still. Maybe its the pregnancy hormones (and believe me, those babies are kickin' it into high gear these days ;) or the fact that Thanksgiving is around the corner, but I'm feeling awfully grateful these days. 

This week we plan to soak in some quality time as a little family since Ryan's work schedule has him traveling again soon. Soon we'll be a little family with baby in tow and that will be amazing. But we've got lots of adventuring to do sans baby until then and we plan to! 

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