Oct 3, 2014

Write 31 Days: Creating Character in our Home

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I am SO excited for the next 31 days! In an effort to cozy up our home (hello nesting!) and conquer a rather persistent little case of writer's block, I'm participating in the write31days challenge hosted by Myquillyn over at The Nesting Place for the month of October. The goal is to write a post daily for the next 31 days on one topic and in doing so, rekindle my love for writing. 

For me personally, this challenge is also a chance to focus on a passion I think about often but don't act on nearly as much as I'd like: cozying up and adding character to our brand-new builder home. Ask Ryan and his poor, patient ears…I talk about the dreams I have for our little nest alllll to often. And unfortunately, those conversations often end with me feeling like I've made much less progress than I had hoped in the 'dreams coming to fruition' category. And not all the dreams are lofty! No. Nor have all the dreams remained dormant. In fact, most of the ideas I have are small, affordable projects and little fixes; little touches to help make our home a comforting physical space that is uniquely 'us' where we can shake off the day, kick up our feet and retreat into peaceful family life.

And so! I guess this challenge is not only a writing challenge but an 'action' challenge of sorts. Every day I plan to write about a project or little idea we've either completed or are in progress on. A major side-benefit of this activity, I have a feeling, will be documenting progress for one particular determined lady who seems to be a little hard on herself about how she's doing on ohhhhhh, everything :) 

Creating character in our home is a never-ending and constantly evolving journey, thankfully! I wouldn't want it any other way. So this challenge certainly isn't a race to be finished or for things to feel perfect. Nope. More than anything, it's a challenge to let the creativity and ideas flow and to have a journaled space to look back on to appreciate the growth and progress which results. Can't wait to see where this takes us!

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I love the structure and simplicity of our fireplace and I also love the white subway tile on white wood work, so I've always been hesitant to clutter it unnecessarily. Hello, story of my life. My name is Carli and I'm allergic to clutter. There, I said it :) But that does't mean a little detail isn't in order. In fact, that's probably one of my greatest hang-ups as I set out to add character to this new home. I want to cozy up and personalize the space, and yet I often hesitate because I'm unsure of where our personal line is between cozy detail and feeling cluttered. That said, the fireplace was looking a little sad as the cold fall winds started to blow outside and I figured it could use a little warmth this season. So the other night I started surfing Pinterest for easy garlands I could make with what I had in the house. Enter book page garlands! With a little craft wire, a needle, a couple command strips, a $2 thrift store purchase forever ago of The First Wives Club (probably one of the greatest girl night movies ever, btw) and exactly two Jimmy Fallon episodes on my PVR I had myself a sweet looking autumn garland.

I'm so pleased with how quickly it came together. It's so rewarding to come up with an idea, have the simple supplies on hand and quickly pull something special together for our home. Love that. And I have to say, it's definitely providing some happy visual inspiration to keep at these 31 days of ideas and projects for our home. Love that too! I'll be back later today with Day 2, since I'm a little tardy to this writing challenge party and am playing catchup :) 

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