Oct 13, 2014

Creating Character in Our Home ~ 10/31


Similar to my lighting post the other day, several months ago we also decided to add a little character to the lighting in our bedroom. One of the few upgrades we made in this home was to vault our master bedroom ceiling. We're pretty tall, the bed we built is tall, our dog is tall, you get the picture :) And in our last home, the bedroom always felt a little cramped because of the ceiling height. So when we set out to build this home, we knew we wanted to amp up the ceiling height in our bedroom if possible. Turns out vaulting was an option with our builder, so we jumped at the chance. 

Of course, upon moving we realized the light fixture included with our home did a sad job of celebrating our new found ceiling height. Womp womp :( And while we loved the look of certain light fixtures from places like Restoration Hardware, I couldn't seem to find an exact fixture or a price point I loved. That was, until we stumbled upon this little beauty …. at Lowes of all places. For less than $100! 

We've since added some pictures to our bedroom, more furniture and changed the bedding around, but we still love the light. It casts beautiful patterns at night, highlights the vaulted ceiling and adds a personalized charm that makes the room feel more us

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