Oct 15, 2014

Creating Character in Our Home ~ 12/31


When I first had the opportunity to start decorating my own home, plants and I were slow to embrace one another I'm ashamed to admit. I guess I was haunted by the grimy bay windows of some houses I'd walk by as a kid that proudly boasting their owner's fern and spider plant collections in all their overgrown glory. I remember scenes like these rather vividly for some reason haha. Not sure why, but they left a lasting impression on me and somewhere in my subconscious I decided I wouldn't have plants in my home when I grew up. 

That was, until I realized they didn't have to consume and condensate my bay window. Mostly because I don't have one ;) But seriously, once I realized the variety of plants I could choose from (so many!) and all the beautiful containers I could house them in I was sold! Today I have a steadily growing little collection of plants peppered throughout the house and I love them. They bring the outdoors in and add a bit of cheery personality while they're at it. And in my quest to add character to this newer home of ours, I find happy thriving plants go a long way in making our house feel like a lived in and loved on home. 

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