Oct 4, 2014

Creating Character in Our Home ~ 3/31


In newer homes, I find builders aim to please the masses by offering kitchens with cabinets galore, walk-in pantry's, closets in every room, large garages, spacious basements, etc. With a newer home,  you typically have no shortage of storage options. Everything can be tucked nicely away if you'd like it to be. And while I'm the first person to throw her hand up in the air and say, 'yes, please!' to tons of storage I have to admit that if everything is concealed, a home can tend to look a little sterile or uninhabited. At least that's the way ours felt, until recently. 

This is where open storage accessories are starting to work wonders for us. Thanks to a friend's recent recommendation we checked out a Hobby Lobby for the first time while in the states a few weeks ago and can I just say...American friends, I hope you enjoy that crafty wonderland as often as you can on behalf of those of us who don't have regular access to that home decor and crafting heaven. Do it for us, ok? Because that inaugural Hobby Lobby bounty is doing an amazing job of offering us some seriously cute, open-but-still-organized storage options around the house and man, do I ever wish we had a Hobby Lobby a little closer to home! 

Anyway, now in addition to our closets and cabinets which do most of the heavy storage around here, we have several wire baskets, wooden crates and rustic magazine holders organizing goods around our home in an aesthetic way that says 'Hey! People live here. And, they read stuff!' :) It's a simple change to the way we organize the things we love and use daily, but its made a noticeable impact and we're loving it.

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