Oct 4, 2014

Layering Textures ~ 2/31


Lately I've been playing around with textures and find it to be so rewarding. The more textural layers I add to a room, the more that room feels moved in and settled. For example, we recently switched our downstairs living room around from a white palate to greys, whites, and other neutrals. I'm loving the cotton/linen blend slip cover on the couch. I combined that with linen, patterned and twine trimmed throw cushions. The rug is cotton (more on that Dash & Albert beauty later), the side tables are metal, the candle holders are wood, metal and rope. The occasional chair is wicker with a knit throw blanket and a plush white lumbar cushion. The Irish Wolfhound is 100% cuddly and his wiry coat is just that adorable fresh out of the river, no additional product or blowdrying necessary. Lucky duck.

In my quest for creating character in this home, I'm finding layering textures to be so rewarding in terms of making our home feel moved in, uniquely ours and cozy. Thankfully Lincoln seems to follow us around the house so his cute wiry texture graces whichever room we all land in. One less throw cushion I have to hunt for I guess ;)


  1. Nice pictures! I love the layering.

  2. I love the style of your home! It looks so warm and inviting. I will definitely be along for your 31 day journey!

    1. Such a lovely compliment about our home. Warm and inviting is definitely the goal! Thanks for following along :)


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