Oct 10, 2014

Creating Character in Our Home ~ 8/31


Oh Etsy! What a treasure :) Lately, I'm particularly in love with the digital download options so many print shops offer. Whenever I think a spot in our home needs a little extra TLC, something that speaks to us personally, I often find myself trolling Etsy for the perfect digital download. I search quotes, images, themes, whatever I'm feeling really. For around $5-$6 dollars I can have a digital download immediately. Printed at Staples or Walmart for another $1.50-$2 at most, and I've got sweet little print to hang somewhere in my house for $8 or less. Love super affordable and personalized touches like these that I can add to my home at a moment's notice. 

P.S. We got our new counters in yesterday (!!) Pictured above. More on those later, but just wanted to say YAY! 

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