Oct 8, 2014

Creating Character in Our Home ~ 7/31


A couple years ago we built a bed. And to this day, I just love it. It was our first real 'making it our own' DIY project in our last home and it serves as a constant reminder that doing it yourself sometimes yields the best results. In most new builder homes, we don't get the inherent structural character some might get in older homes. I'm thinking vintage crown moulding, time worn hardwood floors, era specific architectural elements, etc. And though there are so many things I love about living in a newer built home, I struggled with missing that character charm in our first brand new space. That was, until, I stumbled upon the wonderful world of DIY. 

As we find ourselves in our second new home, I'm grateful we've embraced the the mantra 'If we can't find the perfect [piece of furniture/storage solution/textile/color/etc.], we make it ourselves and we make it our own'. I have several other pieces and projects we've completed since moving into our current home to share later on this month, but wanted to start with this one. It was the catalyst project that got us moving in the direction of DIY and continues to serve as motivating inspiration when it comes finding the perfect pieces for our space and introducing personal character in our home. It's structured, painted, stained and distressed just the way we like it and as such adds a personal and unique touch to our bedroom that has a character all its own. Rather all our own, I should say :)

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